How to Massage Kale

I’ve been having so much fun putting food videos together and next up is… massaging kale! woohoo!! Check out my step-by-step video and tips below.


Why massage kale??

When eating larger pieces of kale (shredded kale not included) massaging the leaves helps to break down the tough texture. In turn, this makes the kale easier to chew and digest, and give it an overall better flavor.

Other Tips

  • Whenever possible, but organic kale. Trust me, it’s worth the extra 99 cents! Kale is part of the dirty dozen. The dirty dozen is a list of crops that can have a high amount of pesticide residue on them. Kale is great for you regardless and you should ALWAYS wash ALL of your produce!!! Buying organic in this case is absolutely worth it.
  • Start with super fresh kale. If possible, buy local! This is a win-win for both the consumer and the farmer.

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