Make the Most of your Grocery Run


Make the most of your grocery run with this article! I’ll help you implement my favorite strategies to have a successful and stress-free trip to the grocery store. I hope this helps you and your family enjoy healthy, delicious meals all week!

Step 1: Prepare your kitchen


Start with a clean kitchen. You should do a quick “sweep” of your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Get rid of any old or expired food to make room for fresh food. This way you can clear out any old food and at the same time, take inventory of what you already have. Take this time to do a quick clean as well, cleaning up any small spills, and organizing and grouping foods together so you know where everything is!

Step 2: Plan for the whole week


Have a seat with your favorite cup or coffee or tea, and plan out your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the upcoming week. When you plan ahead, you can group meals together and make the most of your ingredients.

Are you planning on having quinoa with your dinner Monday? Make a second portion and have some with lunch on Tuesday. Are you making roasted vegetables to go with lunch on Thursday? Plan to save some for your omelet on Friday morning! See how much fun this is?! This will help you save money and do only half the work!

Step 3: Make a list, check it twice


I cannot stress enough how extremely important it is to head to the grocery store on a specific mission. Whenever I go without a list it turns into complete chaos. I leave the store without things I needed and with a bunch of things that look good, but might go to waste because it doesn’t fit into our food schedule for the week. That means we are wasting food and wasting money, I don’t like either of those things.

To simplify your shopping trip, try organizing your grocery list by section. This way you can make a clean and easy trip around the store without having to loop back to the produce section three different times.

#4. Have a snack, and get going!


Never, never, NEVER leave to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. This is the perfect recipe for disaster. Have a filling and delicious snack, grab those reusable shopping totes, and go get those groceries!

I hope these tips help you make the most of your grocery run.

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